Collaboration Survey Report 2022

Global Survey: Workplace Collaboration Isn’t Working

New survey reveals that poor collaboration tools are driving more than 4 in 10 enterprise employees to consider quitting.

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Collaboration Survey Report 2022Collaboration Survey Report 2022

Disconnected…and discontented

The workplace has forever changed. Remote and hybrid work have evolved from stop-gap solutions to must-have models. Collaboration looks different in this new landscape, and a new survey reveals widespread gaps between the collaboration employees expect, and what they’re getting.

The bottom line: effective collaboration tools are foundational to the future of work.
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  • Who’s disengaged and why.
  • What employees really think about how well their leaders are supporting collaboration.
  • Exactly how much productivity is lost each week as a result of poor collaboration.

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of enterprise employees have left or are considering leaving their jobs due to poor collaboration tools


of employees claim that poor collaboration is wasting at least 3-5 hours of productivity per week


of employees claim their company’s leadership could be doing more to promote collaboration within the organization

More than 41% of your workforce is at risk.
Get ahead of it.

Attracting, retaining, and engaging employees in the new work landscape hinges on collaboration. Find out what real employees are saying about it, and how you can leverage collaboration for business advantage.

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