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Parallels Launches New SMB-Ready DaaS Solution, Deploys Apps and Desktops in Under 10 Minutes

Parallels redefines DaaS, providing a next-gen solution as it ensures fast and easy management without IT specialist skills at a competitive TCO.

OTTAWA, ON – January 30, 2024 – Parallels, announces the launch of Parallels DaaS, a new Desktop-as-a-Service cloud computing solution for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)* and the managed service providers (MSPs) that support them.

Parallels DaaS is tailored to assist organizations with quick adoption of a cloud-first approach to delivering apps and desktops to any Internet-connected devices for their remote and hybrid workforces. What makes Parallels DaaS stand out is that this DaaS solution doesn’t require specialized IT or VDI knowledge. By removing the barriers of technical complexity, the solution offers enterprise-grade technology with unmatched ease of use at a competitive price point.

“Parallels has been at the forefront of simplifying IT for end users through innovative virtualization solutions. Today marks a milestone as we launch Parallels DaaS, a fully managed Desktop and Application delivery solution that transforms complex and costly IT setups to deliver VDI/EUC solutions,” stated Prashant Ketkar, Chief Technology and Product Officer, Parallels. “With the release of Parallels DaaS, customers and partners can rely on Parallels as a strong alternative in the market, meeting their remote desktop or application delivery needs. We are committed to providing our partners and customers across all geographies with the choice and flexibility they need to deploy on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid with Parallels."

Parallels’ extensive portfolio of solutions is designed to cater to diverse organizational needs, whether it's delivering applications and desktops from the cloud with Parallels DaaS, on-premises, through a hybrid approach with Parallels RAS, or directly on the device with Parallels Desktop.

According to a recent survey of leading IT professionals, conducted by Parallels, 78% plan to adopt a DaaS solution by 2025, highlighting its increasing popularity. In a market where talent is scarce and demand is high, Parallels DaaS provides a simple, scalable, and cost-effective solution that frees organizations from the burden of managing and maintaining virtual desktops.

“Supporting a hybrid workforce remains a complex challenge, especially in the small-medium business market,” said Shannon Kalvar, IDC Research Director. “Affordable Desktop-as-a-Service solutions like Parallels DaaS, with their extensive automation and known-good configurations, help reduce that complexity, allowing employees to focus on serving new and existing customers.”

The first version of Parallels DaaS introduces several key features that SMBs can leverage, including:

  • Fast time to value, onboarding in under 20 minutes: With the intuitive and modern admin portal, apps can be deployed, and new users can be set up with just a few clicks, resulting in a fast time to value (TTV). End users get immediate access to applications and desktops from any device.
    • In less than 20 minutes, organizations can onboard Parallels DaaS**
    • In less than 10 minutes, a new app or desktop can be deployed.
    • In less than a minute, end users can access the apps or desktops deployed in DaaS - as quickly as accessing emails in a browser.
  • Competitive TCO: Parallels DaaS is available at a competitive TCO (total cost of ownership) and offers a predictable subscription-based model. Designed in the cloud, it minimizes IT management overhead and eliminates infrastructure complexity. Plus, companies can benefit from the built-in autoscaling feature for efficient management of inactive users.
  • Integrated data security: Parallels DaaS has a unique cloud-native architecture which separates the control and data layers ensuring that the data stays in the customer’s environment.
  • Rapidly scaling up or down: Parallels DaaS hosts a modern cloud-native architecture allowing for efficient use of cloud resources. Companies can rapidly scale desktop deployments up or down to meet changing demands.

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Watch a video about the highlights in Parallels DaaS by clicking here.

Availability and pricing

Parallels DaaS is now available worldwide and comes with no hidden fees. Monthly subscription starts at 9 USD per named user, per month.

To learn more about Parallels DaaS, request a 14-day free trial, or purchase a subscription, please visit

*SMB = Small and medium sized companies (30 - 500 Users)
**Excluding waiting time to connect and configure customer’s Azure subscription (approximately 40 minutes)

About Parallels

Parallels is a global leading brand in cross-platform solutions that make it simple for businesses and individuals to use and access the applications and files they need on any device or operating system. Parallels helps customers leverage the best technology out there, whether it’s Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, iOS, Android, or the cloud. Parallels solves complex engineering and user-experience problems by making it simple and cost-effective for businesses and individual customers to use applications anywhere, anytime. Parallels is part of the Alludo portfolio. For more information, please visit