Corel Painter Partners with Xencelabs Technologies to Deliver More Creative Freedom and Workflow Flexibility for Designers and Digital Artists

Full line of Xencelabs Pen Tablets now available bundled with Corel Painter software to deliver a one-stop shop for artistic expression

Corel Painter is thrilled to partner with Xencelabs Technologies, a global organization providing best-in-class digital drawing solutions that enable creative professionals to expand their creativity and productivity. As of July 25, 2022, purchases of Xencelabs Pen Tablets are available as a bundle with Painter® 2023 or Painter Essentials 8 to deliver a complete creative software and digital drawing tool package that makes it easier for digital artists to bring their unique ideas to life.

Painter 2023: A Faster and More Creative Digital Painting Experience

Painter 2023 is a tool of choice for professional artists looking for the freedom to create realistic hand-painted results and offers brush customization, a smooth workflow, and renowned canvas control that enables artists to mimic any style of brush or canvas they choose. Painter® Essentials™ 8 is the latest version of the complete drawing and painting software for beginners that makes it easy and fun to achieve remarkable paintings, photo art, and illustrations.

“The Xencelabs Pen Tablet provides digital artists with enhanced ergonomics, greater precision, and more control,” said Jenny John, Product Manager for Digital Arts. “Painter brushes are built to take advantage of pressure control, giving artists the most realistic painting and drawing experience when using a tablet to create their work.”

“With the powerful combination of Corel Painter and Xencelabs Technologies, artists now have the software and drawing tools they need to bring their creative idea to life in the digital world,” said Bill Lindsay, Channel/Sales Enterprise Manager at Xencelabs.

Xencelabs is dedicated to designing tools that facilitate artistic expression, with products that are innovative, easy to use, and adaptable to any artistic need or workflow. Making updates based on professional artists' input is at the core of their product development.

Xencelabs tablets also offer the ability to adjust the tilt, angle, and pressure sensitivity through the pen allowing artists to truly emulate the traditional media and drawing experience. The added benefit of the Quick Keys shortcut accessory enables artists to incorporate up to 44 shortcuts into their regular workflow through an easy-to-use interface and programmable dial and buttons.

The Xencelabs and Corel Painter bundle is available through the Xencelabs e-store starting July 25, 2022. The bundle will also be available with the Xencelabs Education Pack through select resellers.

Visit Xencelabs.com for more details.